4.2.2 Feeling of Belonging to One's Biological Sex

The development of a feeling of belonging to one’s biological sex is linked to learning steps on the genital level. A man can learn to eroticize his intrusivity, his ability to penetrate. This is called phallic eroticization. A woman can eroticize her vagina, that is, she can develop her receptivity, i.e. the desire to actively take something into her vagina, arouse herself with it, and be filled by it. Phallic eroticization and eroticization of the vagina are personal abilities that are reflected in a person’s internal pictures, sexual fantasies, posture and behavior.
Intrusivity and receptivity represent a continuum to which both sexes have access: Men, too, can enjoy receptivity and women can enjoy intrusivity. In therapy, the development of a man’s intrusivity or a woman’s receptivity is often a topic with clients who have reached limits in their sexuality or have problems with their feelings of belonging to their biological sex.
The feeling of belonging to one’s biological sex is also reflected in the ability to adapt oneself, at least minimally, to gender specific social and cultural roles and norms. For some time now, critical discussions have taken place concerning intersexuals (persons with ambiguously assignable male or female genital organs), transsexuals, and persons calling themselves gender queer. The term gender queer describes a variety of sexual ways of life that often run counter or crosswise to traditional gender roles or norms.
As a therapeutic instrument, the Sexocorporel does not assume that there is a “right” or “wrong” feeling with regard to belonging to one’s biological sex. It addresses the concerns, wishes, and requests of each client individually.